Trevliga helg!

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  1. nauzubillah..sangat² mengerikan..bayangkanlah tiba2 kita ni tgh drive elok², dengan tak semena-mena datang sebiji bas dari seberang jalan menghempap untuk semua..

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  3. I can see them doing the movie with one of the world wars. maybe even pearl harbor. the first two were the revolutionary war and the civil war era.

  4. I’m glad you’re writing about this because I am using this week off from work and school to begin the same thing. Hardest thing to get rid of are my toys. MY TOYS, not Mateo’s – what are you doing with your collectibles?

  5. Actually, you weren’t wrong. I wasn’t sure I would ever do another Scarlet novel, so I ended the series as best I could at the point I could. Even though there was always much more to the story than what was in the first books, I wasn’t at all certain I would ever get to write it all. I’m still not promising that there will be more after this 4th book, so I’m making it a self-contained novel with no cliff-hanger stuff. HOWEVER… I’m anticipating that Scarlet and Liall’s adventures will continue. Thanks for reading!

  6. Oh la la, tu ne postes pas souvent, mais quand tu postes, oh la la, j'aime ça ;)))(message précédent supprimé car parti trop vite… j'avais pas tout fini mon mot)

  7. I like to get my Marxism news the old-fashioned way: attend a vaguely left wing political demonstration and find the aging RCP cadres hawking copies of Bob Avakian’s vanity newspaper. Did you know he’s the leadership we have for the revolution we need?


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